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   Projects for BAR code technologies – it’s one of our main activities. We have a large experience of adapting these technologies. Automation of various work processes allow our clients to increase efficiency and reduce current expenses in any field of trade and manufacture. 

   Design and manufacture of weighing equipment. Constantly developing manufacturing technologies are changing manufacturing processes, goods accounting and control modules as well. Linking BAR code technologies together with weighing and other manufacturing processes we offer our clients possibility to automate and control manufacturing process with expedition, trace and control movement of compound pieces, secure not stoppable manufacturing, optimize manufacturing expenses. 

   Design and service of cash registers and POS systems. We are one of the biggest such kind of company in west Lithuania. We are also working in all country. We are servicing wide range of cash registers. Our company is certified to service more then 70 models of cash registers. This list is expanding constantly. At the moment we are one of the best experts in this field. We guarantee qualified and fast service.